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Web Animation

Using my expertise across user experience and interface design, let’s make you a website with a wow-factor! Good animations draw attention. Great animations breath life into your web presence. Take your website to the next level with elements of delight and interactivity!

ScrollMagic for World Bicycle Relief

For the Racing the Sun campaign page, the idea was to have the first section with the African sunset video fade into the next section with the illustrated mountain graphic.  I set the section to be 100% the height of the visitors browser and used Scroll Magic to achieve the scroll effect. As an added bonus, the time-lapse video is self-hosted in HTML5 so this entire experience works flawlessly on mobile.

slide03leftIcon slide03topIcon Artboard 1 slide03hand
Artboard 1

PinMo Animations

Everything in the blockchain space is cutting edge, and the website I developed for an ICO landing page was no exception. Above is a sampling of the animations I built for this particular project. See the full collection on this page here.

Bunker Mining Scroll Animation

Scroll within the frame below to experiencing the scrolling animation. Note that the animation works in reverse as well.  With a carefully prepared SVG file, I essentially showed or hid each element of the graphic based on the timeline and visitor’s scroll depth. See more in my case study abut the project.

Sarah Potter

I animated this one by hand using the drawSVG Plugin for GSAP. I orginally hand lettered the script in monoline and traced it in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool. 

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