User Interface & User Experience Design

In order to design original, useful and elegant digital experiences, you must have a plan. I’ll help you get from concept through execution, all while balancing the user experience with the needs of business. Give me your whiteboard scribbles and clip art diagrams, I’ll give you high-fidelity wireframes and mockups.

Before and After

From wireframe to high-fidelity site mockup, here is an example of having a clear vision of the homepage’s architecture established and then translated to a branded design.

Designing a Calculator

Experience design doesn’t always have to be in greyscale. When designing an online calculator tool for a medical technology company, we wanted to leverage color as we developed the design.

The final site was developed by associating  specifc data-attributes to particular form inputs. Check out a live sample here and here.

Gallery of Wireframes

In addition to writing code, I spend a lot of time designing the overall web experience as well. Most of these mockups were made using the application Sketch and a few in Adobe Illustrator.

Additional Services

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