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World Vision

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Creative Process

For the past few months I have been on contract with the well regarded non-profit, World Vision. As a UI/UX Designer I worked on a wide array of projects including understanding the data behind donor behaviors, and desigining a whole new user experience for the donor dashboard. A highlight of my time there was the opportunity to design a landing page to house all of the Covid-19 resources provided by World Vision, reaching donors who directly contribute to fighting the pandemic, both at home and across the world.


Landing Page Design
Design System Management
UX Consultating


World Vision UX Consultant through The Creative Group.

Custom Illustration

One of my favorite parts of the World Vision brand is their use of illustrated icons throughout the website. I had the opportunity to design an annoucment tile related to the efforts for child safety as it pertains to Covid-19.  And because World Vision has sanitation efforts outside of the pandemic, this icon is evergreen, and will likely be used in many other instances.

Helping with the Design System

Since World Vision is already a well-established brand, there are already clear preexisting rules to follow – it was a matter of lableing it all (clearly) and making it easily accessible for everybody to refrence. I created a master template file in Sketch complete with text styles, button styles, layer styles, and tons of symbols for other designers to use. This image here is an glimpse of a few of the resources.

Landing Page Design

Below are screenshots of some of the pages I’ve designed. A live experience is always better than a screenshot, so definnitely visit one (or some!) of the links below. All pages designed by me and developed by the World Vision production team.

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From the Cutting Room Floor

Just a screengrab of some screens I designed for the My Sponsored Child experinece that weren’t quite right for the World Vision brand. But I still like them.

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