Case Study


Branding, web design, and a touch of animation.

Creative Process

StreamTimer is a countdown timer for live events. I was hired to help develop the brand and website presence.

It was a pleasure to help bring this brand to life. This is one of many great projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on for Punch Drunk – Jacob came to me with a logo and an idea, I helped develop a brand and a website for this new software. Overall, StreamTimer was a really fun project for me to breath some personality into. 


Art Direction
Web Design


Jacob Stone
Punch Drunk Productions

Color Palette

Color plays an important role in our brand identity. Together, the shades in this palette – rose, tangerine, aqua, cerulean, midnight, and offwhite – express high energy, excitement, and optimism.



To illustrate a few of the key componets of the product I designed some custom icons. Since I had plans for the web design to be on a white background, and I wanted it to feel fresh and vibrant, I was able to leverage all of the colors from the palette. 

Animated Gifs

One really fun aspect of this project was the animated gifs I created. Using the established iconography I created a little animation to illustrate what it actually looks like for StreamTimer in action. I created a second gif showcasing the infinite design potential to customize the waiting screen.

Web Design

Because we are working with such bold colors, especially the red, I was sure to incorporate a lot of white space throughout the site. I used a light shade of grey to warm up it up in some sections. I also wanted the website to feel very lively, to compliment the rich colors, so I also incorporated micro-animations throughout.

For this project I was able to leverage both design and development skills, championing the vision for both the brand and the construction of the wbsite. Leveraging my art direction skills I also gave some consult over the actual product design as well.

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