Case Study


Front-End Development for a website selling fractionalized real estate.

Creative Process

Real Estate is now fractionalized and tokenized, thanks to the blockchain!

This past year I’ve been involved with a number of projects taking advantage of the blockchain, but RealT is by far the most ambitious and exciting. Since the ownership is fractionalized, customers are able to purchase tokens, and thus own a representative portion of the actual house – all through the website I helped build.


Front-End Development
HubSpot Configuration

Graphic Design

Being part of the creative team at Bunker Captial, I also helped out the RealT project by developing business cards and the brand Style Guide.

Front-End Development

In partnership with my Creative Director Joel, and my team at Bunker Capital, I developed the front-end of The website obviously included an extensive e-commerce portion, complete with custom listing. The custom listings included custom options such as CAP Rate, Rental Rate, location via Google Map and several others. And of course since this is a project based on the blockchain, being able to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment is a must!

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This project also included an extensive HubSpot integration for inbound marketing including a custom exit-intent pop-up, multiple subscription forms, and custom user profiles based on where a user signs up. Check out the live site at

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