Case Study

R.A.M. Farms Inc.

From ‘My First Pumpkin Stand’ to Disneyland.

Creative Process

It’s true: my first “lemonade stand” was actually a “pumpkin stand” and several years ago when my family’s business was trying to grow to the next level, I was thrilled to leverage my skill set.

Every year I contribute to numerous projects (year-round) for the development, marketing, and general operational function of the Turlock Pumpkin Patch (and Ice Skating Rink!).


Art Direction, Marketing, Branding, Web Design,  Agritourism


Ron & Karen Macedo,

Corn Maze Design

To illustrate a few of the key componets of the product I designed some custom icons. Since I had plans for the web design to be on a white background, and I wanted it to feel fresh and vibrant, I was able to leverage all of the colors from the palette.

Color Palette

Color plays an important role in the brand identity. Together, the shades in this palette – tangerine, olive, cream, and earth – express growth, warmth, and dependability and fun.



Type really sets the tone for a brand, and I always find it fun when that tone is ‘fun’. There’s technically 2 font sets here – one for R.A.M. Farms and one for Fields of Ice.  For both brands, I have paired a rather whimsical yet bold headline font, with a more classic, highly-legible typeface to be used for body copy.

Web Design

I kept the website design fresh, with large sectioned off content that’s easy to navigate. Our visitors come to the site for lots of different reasons, including scheduling a vist, field trip, birthday parties, and even to see what film is being shown for Movies Under the Stars (a project I dreamed up to show movies in a hay-bale ampitheatre). Video by Cody Huntington. Form submissions are handled via Wufoo.

The Happiest Pumpkins on Earth

A few years ago, the website got noticed by the right person. In 2015, as the normal wholesale orders were begining to trickle in, I suggested we should include a ‘variety catalog’ of sorts on the website – highlighting some of the unique varieties R.A.M. Farms grows. This catalog has grown and evolved, digitally speaking, and now R.A.M. Farms sells wholesale all over the country. The pumpkins have even traveled overseas to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. If you visit Disneyland during the fall, you’re sure to see the pumpkins around the park.

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