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Digital Design + Art Direction

I have worked on a number of projects for Jacob at Punch Drunk for the last few years (check out, but I was especially excited to help give his main site a fresh new look.

Punch Drunk does live video for events, and this ‘behdind-the-scenes’ vibe yields nicely for more of a ‘dark’ look. I then used the Punch Drunk brand’s signature magenta as a pop of color.  On the website, main headlines have a dark background behind them giving a nod to label maker text so often seen around production sets.


Front-End Development
UI Design
Art Direction


Jacob Stone,

Highlighting Work

One of the largest componets of this website is the library of case studies. I needed to create something that was btoh visually enticing and a consistent experience throughout the differnt types of content.

More than Screenshots

I developed a really clean layout to showcase the production, crew, videos, and gallery images that are a part of every major event produced.

Related Work

At the end of the page, I refrenced related content, based on the tags applied to the post. I wrote this script custom instead of using a plugin for aesthetics as well as efficiency.

Call to Action

Every case study ends with a call to action (CTA) section. I used a custom template for the post type and then included a snippet of code calling one of the global layouts I built using Divi.

[et_pb_4divi_masonry_gallery gallery_ids=”2873,2874,2878,2879,2875,2876″ gallery_responsive=”on” gallery_columns=”4″ _builder_version=”4.4.6″][/et_pb_4divi_masonry_gallery]

Just in case..

It happens, sometimes you stumble on a bad link. It’s always better to be prepared. I created a custom layout that provides quick links back to popular desitmations and a search bar, just in case.

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