This may seem like a shift in directions, but truth be told I’ve always been trying to make our food & fiber industry look good. Over the past decade I helped grow a road-side produce stand to an annual community anticipated event. 

With my BS in Agricultural Science and minor in Agricultural Communications, I’m equipped to take my skills with screens to the field – literally.

The Happiest Pumpkins on Earth

Good SEO and a modern website can go especially far in the more traditional space of agriculture. My parents have been growing pumpkins for decades and over the years have curated the varieties they love and excel at growing. I offered to highlight this on the website on this page here. …which got noticed by a prettty popular theme pack in Anaheim, Ca. Check out the web version of the Wholesale Catalog I designed here.

Corn Maze Design

I design the labrynth in Illustrator maped to the dimenions of the field, which then get gets transferred to a GPS device used to map the field itself. It is as fun and as complicated as it sounds!

Movies Under the Stars

The mission of my efforts is always to enhance the overall experience. When it came to the evening hours at the pumpkin patch I saw an opportunity to capture the attention our visitors.  I sketched up the hay bale ampitheatre and maped out the tech, and now you can check out the latest schedule here.

Photos with Santa Set

My dream of what it looks like when Santa visits the farm was realized when I discovered a salvaged barn door from a retired local dairy. I saved it from becoming firewood and made it the main backdrop to my set. I also helped conceive the sales model with includes no prints, and offering the photos delivered in full resolution on flash drives.

Capturing Data

In addition to the traditional Google Analytics data we get from the website, R.A.M. Farms wanted a little more insight about their customer.  I proposed the idea of a map for visitors to physically mark where they are from. We thought a map of California with some white space would be enough, but turns out people were travling from far futher locations than we thought!  This data was eventually used with local government and to secure advertisements.

Speaking Engagements

From time to time, I do share some of the things I have learned over the years in front of a real life group of people. If you think I could share something with your group, please reach out!

Additional Services

UI / UX Design

Web Development

Web Animation

Digital Design


Hand Lettering