Seattle Met magazine

Working previously as the Web Producer for Saga City Media, the publisher of Seattle Met, I was responsible for overseeing every. single. decision. for this enterprise-level site that serves as a one-stop resource for everything that’s happening in Seattle. From bug filing, to SEO, to decisions on user experience – including a major redesign.

Also, my routine monthly task included uploading the issue of the magazine onto the site. But I didn’t stop there, I also dug years into the archives – which equated to about 480 articles with my fingerprint.

The site is packed with loads of resource articles, interviews, feature articles, events, business and more. As the Web Producer, I made sure that everything had it’s place, was in it, and had a functional interface.

Also during my time there, I redesigned & developed a new theme to be used for the bridal issues – screenshots below. 

Phew! Join me over on the Find a Bar feature, wont you?