Hi. I'm Sarah

I’m an experienced designer & developer working from my little studio just south of Seattle, WA. I parter with businesses big & small to create beautiful, enticing, and fully-functioning websites. I create thoughtful high-fidelity website layouts as well as clean well-commented code. I love how manipulating a few lines of code can totally alter the experience, evoke emotion, or even surprise and delight the audience.

In addition to web design, my background also includes experiences in marketing, print design, tech-support, customer service, and even agriculture. I’m a Cal Poly, SLO alumna, a former Apple employee, and I grew up on a farm. When not staring at my computer screen, I love to knit, garden & go on walks with my boxer, Lily. 

This week @taylorkpotter polished off (literally) a very very special coffee table he made for us out of a very very special slab of walnut he got from my grandpa.... aaand now I finally need coasters. 
#thatwoodgraintho #liveedgetable
Princess Lily 👸🏽 #boxersofinstagram
Really hoping for more than 1 trick-or-treater this year so I put out a little advertisement... also, my mom (@pumpknlady) literally mailed me half of these pumpkins 🎃👩🏻‍🌾🍫
My favorite things about fall. 🍁🎃❤️ #chalkboardlettering #crayola
The Ben Folds concert last night was one for the books! 🎹 #paperairplanetour
Wishing I was still monkeying around in Mexico.... #tbt #mood
Celebrated my cousin this past weekend with a Harry Potter themed bachelorette ⚡️❤️👯
Neighborhood watch... #boxersofinstagram
So many highlights from this month! ...and summers just getting started! ☀️👙 🌊 🥂
Me gusta Mexico 🇲🇽
Pretty excited to plant I mean hang this wreath I made on our front door 😉🌱 #succulentwreath #ilovesucculents #plantlady  #nowineedamanicure
En route to my mom and her "kluckers"... #chalkboardart #handlettering @pumpknlady
A little #tbt in honor of Mother's Day.... #grandmapower #lucky
If making bouquets for every vase I own is wrong, then I don't want to be right! #lilacs #backyardbouquet #myhousesmellsamazing
🌷Tulips with @taylorkpotter 🌷
Spending the afternoon with my watercolors 😊💫 #dreambig

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